Thursday, July 23, 2009

Everyone has a talent. How you go about pursing the talent(s) is a gift.

You have a dream on becoming a dancer, singer, model, disc jockey or any other entertainer.

Some words or phases you will come across that will try to stop you from reaching your goal(s). Use them to your advantage, and turn them around and make them an asset:
I quit, No, I am not good at anything else, You are over qualified, What else am I good at...More coming soon

Follow this dream. It's not to late to start. If you are starting out. It takes a lot of dedication. You will come across paths that will want to stop you. Don't stop. Keep pushing yourself. I will tell you that you will come across a lot of negative people and things. When you come across this you have to know how to handle this, and use it in a way were it will turn out to be a positive thing.

Their are going to be times were you are going to say I want to quit. You can't do this if this is something you want to do. You have to say to yourself this is something I live for and want; and I have this dream.

Everyone has a talent, some people want to use that talent and make it their dream, and some want to use it as a hobby or etc. But it doesn't matter, every person has a talent. Some different than others. You might sit around and say I have a talent and it is going to waste. Or you could say being good at something is a bad thing. Maybe because, you can't get a gig or get notice. You have to push yourself all the time. Your talent will not go to waste if you are using it to achieve your goal.

You are going to come across people that are better than you. Don't be afraid of this. Learn from them. They might even help you out. Remember someone is always better. So don't get ahead of yourself and think you are better than everyone. Remember where you started. If people come to you and ask certain things I would recommend on suggesting ways on taking their talent to the next step.

Be your best at the talent. Sooner or later you will achieve the goal. Going through the years with your talent you will learn so many different aspects about yourself and other people. Who to trust and who not to trust and a lot more. It will be overwhelming. You might forget more than you learn.

Their are going to be times when people like to be notice. This means people might have to step on something or someone. In this case people might step on you to get notice. You will get a lot of this. People will put you down to push themselves up. Don't let this stop you.

You will have some tough times. Being in the entertainment field is very difficult. Especially when you might have to do most of the work by yourself. Sometimes the work will get overwhelming, and you will want to quit. Their are going to be a lot of times when you say this about your talent(s). (I want to quit, what else am I good at, I can't do anything else). When you say this stop and say to yourself. (Their are a few words I will come across and when I come across these words I should use them to my advantage. Use the word(s) as a asset for my goal(s) and talent(s). (some of those words should be: I quit, what else am I good at, I am not good at anything else, no).

More coming soon.