Friday, August 14, 2009

Everyone has a talent. How you go about pursing the talent(s) is a gift.

Continuing from July.....

You never want to accommodate your talent, if you do then you are not challenging yourself. You always want to progress to the next step. It's not the experience you been threw it's how you challenge yourself to get to the next level. You always want to try, you rather fail at trying; than failing to try. You will have people laugh at you but, at least you are doing what you want to do. Most people don't even get that far. You might end up spending all your finances on your talent and don't have anything to show for it. This if fine because, what you get in return is more than what you can show. You will find out so much about yourself and how you deal with certain situations, good and bad.

If you believe in yourself and your talent it will be so emotional that sometimes it will be overwhelming. You want to breath and live your goal and talent. You want to inhale the smell and taste of your talent and goal; and exhale the success of what you achieve.
There will not be a day that goes by that you won't think of your goal or talent. Anyone can do anything, you just have to push yourself. You almost have to push yourself until you want to cry. Then the teardrops start. This is when you start tasting something you have not tasted. What you will taste is how great you are at your talent. And no one can tell you that you are not good at what you do or tell you that you will not achieve your goal. You know right there and then that you will make it; make your goal and be what you want to be, and that is a gift.