Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mesmerizing Inspirations

Teardrops 3:

The crying, the hustling, the money, the time you spent on getting where you want to get with your goal(s). How much can you take. Hang it up but, you can’t because you still have plenty of emotions left. You have the push, the talent, the gift, you have yourself, and most of all you will always have the teardrops. Teardrops are one of the most important things on getting were you want to get in life and to achieve your goal(s). Without the teardrops you don’t have the push to get back up and do it again but, with teardrops comes something special, and that is you. Every special person has teardrops, how you go about letting them fall depends on you. So don’t be afraid and let the teardrops come, and direct how they fall and show everyone and especially yourself, that “The floor is all yours”.