Friday, October 9, 2009

Mesmerizing Inspirations


The d.j. spins a song and all of the sudden you can’t move from the music. Goosebumps take over your body. Your hair on your arms start to rise and you get the chills. Wow...the sweat comes down from your forehead and your heart stops for a second and it’s like you are having a heart attack. You have trouble breathing and gasp for air and realize “the floor is all yours”.

Goosebumps 2:

Everyone comes across this no matter what their talent is. You have to realize you are the only one that can push yourself to this moment. Follow through with want you want to do no matter what it is. Don’t ever give up, believe in yourself, and always take it to the point were you will get goosebumps, and let yourself become “the floor is all yours”.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mesmerizing Inspirations


D: The dedication you put into your dancing when you step on the floor. A: The attitude the dance floor gives you when you step on it, and the attitude the music gives you when you move to it. N: Non-stop dancing. C: The communication you give when you dance. E: Enjoy every moment on the floor and end it off with a smile. R: Realizing it’s not a dream, and realizing “The Floor Is All Yours”.

Mesmerizing Inspirations

A dancer's view:

Have you ever step on the dance floor and been separated from yourself and everything around you. And all of the sudden something takes over. There is nothing better than this feeling. You can’t breathe or move; your heart stops, then starts to pound, and you become that movement, that song, that talent. At this moment everything is in slow motion and know right there and then "the floor is all yours”.