Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mesmerizing Inspirations

Inner-self 3:

There will be times when will be smack in the face with your talent(s). It will be telling us to hang it up. To stop doing what we excel at. When we present our talent(s) it comes from the inside. You have to be at the level where you present your talent(s) and you look behind you, you can actually see yourself standing their for a moment. To bring your inner self out of you, is not a feeling everyone can feel or understand. Only people like you can understand this and this feeling will never die. So if situations get rough and/or you want to quit, you have to put yourself back in that moment and stay ahead of yourself by having your inner self lead the way, and show everyone “the floor is all yours.”

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mesmerizing Inspirations

Circle Dancing

Circle dancers getting in your face and urging you to compete, as you step in the middle of the floor a layer of skills and styles pour all over your body. Performing moves and styles that are welcome by the on lookers. There are no losers or winers here but, friends. The best place to be in a venue with great music and great dancers, with one love and a great vibe, and ending it off with a handshake.

Mesmerizing Inspirations

Believe 3:

Don’t be afraid pick up your head. As you do you will step forward and that is all you can do. You can’t go backwards. This is it, the moment is yours. Absorb it and use it. What ever it is, take the chance and present your talent(s). Breathe in the present, exhale the past and look into the future. You have that dream be that dream. Construct a foundation around you and stand your ground. As you perform you see and smell, I quit, you will not get anywhere, you are not good at what you do, people laughing at you, all these negative words, material and more sweating out of your pours. So wipe the sweat away and show eveyone “the floor is all yours.”

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mesmerizing Motions

Believe 2:

For all those out there that have the dream. Keep pushing forward to that goal. So when you think you have it rough take a moment and think to yourself “where ever I go there will be a floor I have to step on, so I will never forget.” Remember we are all surround by floors. So why not let the floor be all yours. Show everyone "the floor is all yours" and believe.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mesmerizing Inspirations

Believe in yourself and that dream you had can become reality. Remember all it takes sometimes is for one person to believe in you, to help you move forward.

As long as I am friends with anyone of you, you are not allow to quit. I won’t let any of you quit. And if you do, don’t let me found out. Remember, always give your best effort, followed by a smile and show everyone

“The Floor Is All Yours”.