Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mesmerizing Inspirations

Inner-self 2:

As you stand in a stationary position surrounded by all these people, you are so alone not knowing what to do or how to feel. Your body is cramping up and the sweat is starting to pour out like leaky faucet. You heart starts to pound and pound, harder and louder it starts to mess with your hearing, and all you hear is nothing but, thumb thumb, thumb thumb!

Goosebumps start to surround your body and evolve from every thump thump, thump thump; your body begins to shiver like being outside in a cold rainy day.

Your breathing becomes shorter and shorter. You take a step forward and the relief over your body becomes so overwhelming you don’t have control of it but, to accompany it. Wow! You don’t know what to do and what you are doing but, what every it is you are showing everyone “The Floor Is All Yours”.

As you stop you can’t believe you did what you did, and the thump thump that your were hearing is being over driven by the clap clap, clap clap. Don’t let anyone, anything, or any noise stop you from what you want to do and go out and push yourself, and be that entertainer that you stand their to be.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Fitness

Some people don’t like the way I fitness so here are some things to look out for in 2010. My Fitness:

My fitness is underground, my fitness is commercialize, my fitness is not mine, my fitness is original, my fitness is not worth waiting to see, my fitness is worth the wait, my fitness is not a style, my fitness is all genres of styles, my fitness is pre-choreograph, my fitness is not choreograph. My fitness is no sweat, my fitness is nothing but, sweat and tears, my fitness is unhealthy, my fitness is healthy, my fitness will make you move, groove and shake, my fitness will make you stand around and look. My fitness is “Mesmerizing Fitness”. My fitness is aerial, my fitness is off the wall, my fitness is on the ground, my fitness is not me, my fitness is Michael Fry. My fitness is “The Floor Is All Yours”My fitness is coming in 2010 to websites, videos, photos and venues near you. Look out for it because it’s my fitness.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mesmerizing Inspirations

A dancer’s View 2:

A dance is a lifetime. If you could re-live your life how would you dance your lifetime. Traveling across the floor and absorbing movements from the all the people, lights and the sounds around you causes you to become injected into the song. The song being played seems to last forever along with the smile portraying from your face. As you step and move to the music you progress more and more closer to the other side not knowing where you will end up but, you don’t care as long as you reach the other end. As the music stops, you realize people start to surround you like you are being viewed at a funeral. You notice that you are not dead, and you are only being applauded by the audience to keep going. As you look around you notice you are in the middle of the circle and you are only halfway there. You realize you have more to show and “The Floor Is All Yours”.

So dance your lifetime and don’t let anything be your halfway mark.