Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mesmerizing Inspirations

Make It Happen:

Nothing ever happens unless we make it happen. You can’t just dream about it, you have to make it happen. As your eyes turn red and become to tear up you think to yourself, am I ever going to be somebody. Every day as we turn the page of reality, we keep thinking to ourselves it’s not worth it to put the effort into it, to become the person we always dream about being. Stop thinking about it and make it happen. Make it happen. Nothing happens unless we make it happen. So go out and do something about it. Keep pushing yourself to the limit and don’t look back, look straight and make things happen because, the only thing that will come out of this is you, being what you want to be. So the next time you turn the pages of your reality you will see that “The Floor Is All Yours”.

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